Central Hatzalah
Regional Location – Central Coordination

Chevra Hatzalah has sixteen regional divisions within the city of New York and its environs. Each of these divisions is managed by two or more coordinators, whose responsibilities include: fundraising for the branch budget, recruitment of local members, providing adequate manpower coverage, purchasing ambulances and equipment, conducting quality assurance review, and enforcing all citywide Chevra Hatzalah rules and regulations.

All Chevra Hatzalah activities, however, are ultimately coordinated through “ Central Hatzalah” – the umbrella organization that is designated to manage and support the logistical and operational functions common to all regions. The Hatzalah Central Committee establishes organization-wide policy and programs. Central Hatzalah supervises centralized dispatch centers from where all calls for emergency medical assistance are answered by Hatzalah dispatchers In addition, it maintains necessary governmental permits and licenses, enforces trademarks, maintains radio and telephone communications systems, deals with governmental agencies, and coordinates disaster preparedness and other activities for the entire organization.

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