The Patient

The patient is a human being made in the image of God. The volunteer has a sacred duty to assure that each patient’s dignity is protected.

When responding to any emergency – a child choking, an elderly person with a stomach tube, or a couple involved in a car accident – the Hatzalah volunteer must always keep the above dictum in mind. Just because patients have lost their ability to function does not mean that they lose their right to dignity.

The role of the volunteer is multi-faceted. Providing immediate medical aid is not the volunteer’s sole task, even if it is the most pressing. Patients have other needs that must not be forgotten. Do they need someone to stay with them in the hospital or care for them at home? Do they need medical referrals? Do they have everything they need for their hospital stay? Will their home be locked and secure? Will their doctors be notified? Is there an urgent matter that requires immediate attention? Hatzalah volunteers ensure that these needs and many others are not forgotten.

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